The reason why it has been supported for a long time is that it has been taken for granted that it will not be released into the world unless it passes actual fishing verification based on the concept and a wide variety of quality tests.

It has a strong core, tenacity, and a sense of rigidity that is different. The “real” feel created by high-quality materials and reliable manufacturing continues to demonstrate its performance more eloquently than the countless words that decorate the blank.


There were also fashions and trends in bass rods. With the bass fishing boom that has taken the world by storm, gold cermet guide models are popular, with their flashy look aside from their functionality. During the bass fishing tournament boom, an engineer who competed for lightweight, high-sensitivity rod blanks looked back on those days and said the following. “In order to achieve the required light weight and high sensitivity, it was necessary to make the carbon thinner. This was a struggle with strength, and it was a battle to the limit between breaking and not breaking.”

You can’t ignore fashion and trends. However, how should we evaluate the rod as it should be? Be strong and bend in your interactions with fish. Balance of rigidity and elasticity. Identifying the essence of “catching bass” and demonstrating accurate performance. Fishing is accomplished with a combination of rod, reel line, and lure. What is the original role of a bass rod in the overall balance? We took on the challenge of pursuing the mainstream of bass rods.

Its texture is different from any other rod.

What are the conditions that determine the characteristics of a rod? Most sensible fishermen would answer “blank.” So, what determines the characteristics of a blank? Of course, even if the material is the highest quality domestically produced material, the design of the blank, which is the core of the rod, is more than the material, and the rod’s characteristics can be demonstrated as it is.

Our pursuit of rods that are truly usable in the field, created while valuing the fusion of universal truth and our destiny to keep evolving. In addition to being robust and functional enough to last for 10 years, it also needs to have a style and story that the angler who owns it can develop on their own.

The epitome of true rod making

The result of true rod making that continues to pursue the ideal bass rod. High performance that can only be achieved because we know everything about blanks. Once you touch it, you will understand the uniqueness and charm of “D-BLANK”, which has a high degree of freedom to respond to the user’s selfish desires, and has been popular for many years, and the more you use it, the more you get used to it.